USA Dance Augusta Chapter 6074

Proper Dance Etiquitte

Dance etiquette begins, before one even enters the dance hall. It starts with proper personal hygiene, good grooming, attention to proper attire and maintenance of a clean fresh breath.

Ballroom dancers practice good etiquette by being friendly, courteous and sociable on and off the dance floor, to both dancers and non-dancers alike.

Some rules of good etiquette toward a partner include:

  • A lady always accepts a request to dance unless she has a very good excuse, in which case she should not accept an invitation from another during that dance.
  • It is not improper or inappropriate for a Lady to ask a man to dance.
  • A man does not stand on the sidelines when there is a lady waiting to dance.
  • A man never leaves a lady unaccompanied on the dance floor.
  • Proper attention to a partner, a smile, a cheery word, makes a partner feel good.
  • A word of praise or an expression of enjoyment from a partner builds confidence and raises partners self esteem.
  • Always thank your partner after the dance is over.

Some rules of good dance etiquette while on the dance floor include:

  • Use caution when entering or leaving the dance floor to not impede the flow of dancers already moving around the floor.
  • When dancing smooth rhythms that progress along the line of dance, always dance counter clockwise around the hall.
  • Slower moving dancers should dance the inside track allowing faster moving dancers to dance the outside track
  • When the music bridges rhythms (e. g., Foxtrot/Swing or Quickstep/Swing) dancers doing the “on the spot” type dance should move to the center of the hall to allow the “progressive” dancers to move around the outside of the hall.
  • Avoid stopping or attempting fancy “picture figures” while dancing in a traffic lane to avoid blocking the path of other dancers. When room permits, dance into center of hall where "picture figures" or other non forward moving figures may be executed.